Archaeology is the recovery and study of material objects to investigate the structure and behavior of past cultures - New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. These artifacts are linked to God's name.

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- Column of Soleb

14th century B.C.
  - The Moabite Stone 9th century B.C.
  - Crown of a sceptre
8th century B. C.
  - Seal of Miqneyaw
8th century B. C.
  - Silver Scrolls
ca. 625 B. C.
  - Letters of Lachish
7th century B.C.
  - Potsherds of Arad
7th century B.C.
  - Papyrus Nash
2th or 1th century B.C.
  - Foead 266
1st century B.C.
  - Leviticus fragment
1st century B.C.
  - Minor Prophets Scroll
50 B.C. - 50 A.D.
  - Oxyrhynchus 3522
1st century A.D.
  - The Translation of Symmachus
3rd or 4th century A. D.
  - The Translation of Aquila
end of 5th century – beginning of the 6th century
  - Codex Aleppo
ca. 930
  - Codex Leningradensis 1008 - 1009






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