Aegidius De Witte Translation

Date and language:1717 - Dutch edition

Translation: Aegidius de Witte produced this complete Bible is 1717 based on the Latin Vulgate and also making use of the 'New Testament of Mons'. His Flemish origins are noticeable in his translation.

Translator:The translator was Aegidius (more commonly called ‘Gillis’) De Witte, pastor to Mechelen (Belgium). He used a ‘banned translation’, The New testament of Mons ", which resulted in a conflict with the church. He had to resign and was subsequently relocated to Utrecht (the Netherlands) - source: Biblia Neerlandica.

God's name:In Exodus he uses the form 'Jova' for God's name. Interessant is dat hij later, zie de laatste foto, schrijft wie hij met 'Jova' bedoelde.





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