Het Oude Testament (The Old Testament) - Otto von Gerlach

Date and language: 1856 - Dutch

Otto von Gerlach was a German theologian. He started his career in 1835, as preacher at the Saint Elisabeth church in Berlin. He was also involved with social work. In the course of this work he founded an association of unemployed persons and he appealed to King Frederick William IV of Prussia, for support for the construction of a hospital. In 1847, Otto von Gerlach was appointed by the king as the fourth most important minister. In 1849, he was appointed as a professor to the University of Berlin.

In 1856, his Bible translation, which was a large-scale revision of the old and New Testament from the text of Luther, was published.

God's name: We are showing two footnotes: at Genesis 15:2 and at Exodus 5:2.





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