John Brown Bible - The Self-Interpreting Family Bible

Date and language: date unknown - English edition

Translation: This Bible became known as the John Brown Bible. Here we show a copy that was printed by John G. Murdoch of Holborn.



John Brown
1722 -


John Brown was born in 1722 in Carpow, Scotland, named after his father John Brown, a self-taught weaver and fisherman. When he was a boy of 12 years old, his parents died and thereafter he supported himself working as a shepherd boy. His education was very scant, although he had a lifelong desire to learn. He taught himself Greek, Latin and Hebrew by comparing texts and scriptures. In 1738, he heard that a Greek Testament was available to buy at a bookstore in St. Andrews, approximately 40 km away. He walked all the way there. When he arrived, there were some Greek Language professors in the store. When they saw the ragged shepherd, one of them, Francis Pringle, challenged him to read the book. He promised that if the boy could read it, he would buy the book for him. That afternoon a delighted John and his gift returned to his duties as shepherd boy.

In later years he had various other occupations including market vendor and school teacher before following his spiritual training. On July 4, 1751 he was ordained as a minister. He belonged to a Scottish Presbyterian denomination. His assignment was Haddington. In 1753 he became Ordinator of the Synod, which was extremely unusual given his short appointment as a minister. He later also became a professor during the time he was exercising his duties as minister.

John Brown died on June 19, 1787. He was married twice and had six children of which four also became pastors.

God's name: John Brown used the name of 'Jehovah' for God's name. We show the text of Isaiah 12:2 as an example.









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