De Profetieën van Amos' Zoon Isaïas in Nederlandsche verzen vertolkt (The Prophecies of Amos' son Isaiah translated in Dutch verses)

Author: Godfried D. A. Jonckbloet s.j. 1848-1926

Godfried Daniël Augustinus Jonckbloet was born on August 28, 1848 at Eindhoven. He was the son of a notary and it was intended that he would follow in his father's career. During his studies at the Jesuit College at Sittard he felt more and more called to a spiritual office. In 1868, he entered a Jesuit order. After his theological studies, completed in 1881, he was ordained into the priesthood.

Because of his love for and skills in literature he had already published poems in a catholic magazine. In 1890, his life took a different course because he was sent as a missionary to Batavia in Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). For 18 years he expended himself in this work. A serious illness made it necessitated his return to the Netherlands, leaving his beloved mission post. Jonckbloet was a good friend and counsellor to many people. His literary talent produced many poems, items of prose and writings. He was a man eager to study, which he did until his death on April 5, 1926 in Nijmegen, at age 77.

Date and language: 1889 - Dutch

Translation: In the foreword of this book Jonckbloet indicates the motivation behind this translation. We quote: “Out of concern of the poetry, following the example of Mr J.J.L. Ten Kate*, in his scripture translation, I have endeavoured according my capacities to bring harmony between poetry and content.

Jonckbloet, as literator and priest, published the Bible book Isaiah in poetic form.

*Please see our page Bibles “The book Job” and “The Psalms” by J.J.L. Ten Kate.

God’s name: as a Jesuit Jonckbloet writes frankly, but always with respect, about Jehova as his Lord and God. In this book God’s name is written no less than 200 times .


Photo 3: Isaiah 1: 2 and 4
Photo 4: Isaiah 6: 9
Photo 5: Isaiah 40:28
Photo 6: Isaiah 45:21
Photo 7: Isaiah 49:1 and 5



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