La Sainte Bible - Le livre des Psaumes - H. Lesêtre (The Holy Bible – the book of Psalms)

Date and language: edition 1893 - French

Translator: Henri Lesêtre (Bourges 1848 - Paris 1914) was a catholic priest in the diocese of Paris. He was ordained on December 20, 1873 and became first vicar of Notre-Dame-de-Plaisance, first vicar of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (1892-1895) and priest of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont until his death.

Henri Lesêtre was very active in literary art. Within his master works there number several Biblical translations among which is the translation of the psalms which we show here. The translation has been based on the Hebrew text and on the Latin Vulgate.

God’s name: In this Bible book Jéhova is used consistently. We show only a few examples.




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