Het boek der Psalmen ('The Book of Psalms') - Philips of Marnix named St. Aldegonde

Date and language: 1591 (1928) - Dutch edition

Translation: In 1580 he published a Dutch Psalm translation, which was reviewed in 1591. There was in 1928 a restricted edition of this book on 150 copies.

Translation: Philips of Marnix (1539-1598), Lord of St. Aldegonde, was one of the most important co-workers of William of Orange. He was also theologian and translater besides to be the Mayor of Antwerp. His teacher in theology, in Geneva, was John Calvin.

God's name: He used in Psalm 83:18 the name “Jehovah”. Doing so, he became the first Dutch Bible translator using God's full name.




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