NBV - Studiebijbel (Study Bible – New Bible Translation)

Date and language: 2008 - Dutch edition
© By kind courtesy of KBS (de Katholieke Bijbelstichting) -
Vertaling: The New Bible Translation, Study Bible edition, started to be developed in August 2005 by the KBS (Catholic Bible Foundation) and the NBG (Dutch Bible Society). This project took more than 3 years. This Bible has been produced with much attention being given to backgrounds, images and explanation.


Photo 4: about God's name
Photo 5: Zechariah 14:9
Photo 6: Psalms 84:2
Photo 7: Psalms 110:1

It has been chosen to use the form 'JHWH' for God's name. We show some examples here.

The representation of God's name had been a point of discussion for a long period of time during the course of producing this translation. It was believed that the word 'Lord' was (not) a proper name and the use of this transliteration reinforced the manly character of God. However, there were also problems with suggested alternatives. Finally, it was decided to use the word 'Lord', whilst allowing for the future possibility of a study Bible to be produced that would use JHWH for the Tetragrammaton. This is what happened in this Bible above. Note: The Jewish TaNaCH edition uses the expression 'the Eternal one' instead of Lord. (Source: website of the Study Bible -





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