"Prent-Bijbel bevattende alle kanonijke boeken van het Oude en Nieuwe Testament versierd met nagenoeg duizend houtsneêplaten" - (“Picture Bible containing all canonical books of the Old and New Testament with almost thousand wooden work plates” ) - Daniël Broedelet Dz.

Date and language:1847 - Dutch

Translation: This is a rather rare Gorkum Bible edition with in sum almost 2000 pages. The Bible contains 3 parts in one, amongst the Old en New Testament and almost thousend images made from wooden work plates. These images are representing historical events, manufactured after fameous paintings.

Translator: This picture Bible is made by Daniel Broedelet Dz. (1802-1867). Daniel Broedelet studied theology and became to be Reformed Preacher at Abbekerk and Lambertschaag (1824), at Durgerdam (1826) and at Monnikendam (1846). He became to be emiritus in 1860.

God's name:At the illustration on p. 602 we see an image which describes the valley of Josaphat according to the Bible book Joel 3:2. On this page is explained that the name Josaphat means ‘judgement of Jehova’.





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