Synodale Bijbel

Date and language: edition 1881 - Dutch

Translation: Around 1850 people within the Dutch Protestant churches began to feel a need of a newer, more customised, Bible translation. The Statenbijbel (States Bible) from 1637, which although still carried a lot of respect, was written in outdated language and also there were new insights developing which made it even more old fashioned.

They started with the New Testament. In 1868 this part was made available to the public. On the title page it was written that this translation "had been newly translated from the original text." Every Bible book had been given an introduction and footnotes had been added at the bottom of the text.

A number of professors then started to translate the Old Testament. However, it was considered not to be possible to offer a translation that would satisfy all sections within the reformed church. In 1872 therefore, the translation committee was dissolved.

Divine name: In some footnotes God's name is displayed as Jehovah. For example, in Mat. 1: 21; 3:3; 5:35 and Acts 5: 41.




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