De Psalmen (The Psalms) - Jan Jakob Lodewijk Ten Kate

Date and language: Edition 1887 – Dutch

Translator: Jan Jakob Lodewijk entered the world on December 23, 1819 in Gravenhage, the son of Jan Herman and Johanna Henriëtta de Witte. He studied under Principal J. van Renesse and from a very young age he showed a love of language and poetry. Inspired by Bilderdijk and Da Costa he became a minister and a poet. He was appointed as the minister at Marken in 1845. He married Johanna Sophia Waldorp, daughter of the famous painter. Then, later, he became a preacher in Almkerk, Middelburg and Amsterdam.

As a man he was known for his kind-heartedness and friendliness. Many literary and scientific societies appointed him to be an honour-member. Several monarchs granted him orders of chivalry.

He died on 26 December 1889 shortly after attaining the age of seventy.

God’s name: We have an entry on our list ‘Bibles’ on our website showing his translation of the Bible book of Job. A book of his poems is shown on our page ‘poets’. Here we are showing Psalms 113:1 and 144:15. As a note, the Jah in Hallelu-jah is an abbreviation of the divine name.




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