Het Oude Testament – in 5 delen (The Old Testament - in 5 parts)

Date and language: 1802 Dutch (the first edition was in 1789)

Translator: Ysbrand van Hamelsveld (1743-1812) who was a preacher, professor, politician and a patriot. Ysbrand van Hamelsveld, born in Utrecht on February 7, 1743, studied at the Academy in his hometown. In 1765 he obtained his doctorate in theology. A year later he became a preacher at Durgerdam. In 1784 he was appointed as Professor of theology at the Academy where he had followed his training. In addition to his religious ideas van Hamelsveld held strong political views. After some time, he lost his rights and titles because of his patriotism. He wrote many theological books during the course of his life. He died on May 19, 1812 in Amsterdam.

Translation: van Hamelsveld directred his translation to "ordinary people". The language is simple and direct. For this reason his translation sometimes departs from the original Bible text. However, his translation is appreciated by many people for whom the State Bible KJV was difficult to understand.

Divine Name: van Hamelsveld wrote his translation in a poetic manner. For this reason he uses JEHOVAH, JOVA or JEHOVA GOD according to how it suited the best rhythm of his words. The texts which we show are Genesis 2:4-7 and the footer at Genesis 2:5 - 7.




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