De Bijbel, door beknopte uitbreidingen, en ophelderende aanmerkingen, verklaard door Jacob Van Nuys Klinkenberg en Gerard Johan Nahuys, predikanten te Amsterdam (The Bible, by brief extensions, and clarifying remarks, explained by Jacob Van Nuys Klinkenberg and Gerard Johan Nahuys, pastors in Amsterdam) .

Date and language: 1780 - Dutch

Translation: This Bible explanation, comprising 27 thick parts (1780-1796), was into the 19th century a well-known and popular work. This was mainly due to the gift of the translators to explain difficult issues in a simple way. The spread of the Christian faith was for them of paramount importance. They saw Christianity as a necessary safeguard for a cohesive society. After the death of Nahuys in 1781 has van Nuys continued the translation until all the Bible books of the old and the New Testament were written down.

Biography translators:

Jacob van Nuys Klinkenberg, born in West-Graftdijk on 20 February 1744, died in Amsterdam on September 14, 1817.

Jacob was born as the son of a pastor in a small village in the Northern Dutch polders. He studied mathematics and physics, theology and philosophy. He was as well as his father also preacher and served in several reformed churches. During his years as pastor, he made a name with a detailed apologetic study titled "The benefits of the religion". How closely faith was to his heart can be noted in his speech at the time of his appointment in 1784 to Professor of Theology and church history at the Amsterdam University. He complained about the pernicious influence of the "contemporary disbelief" in society. He married in 1766 with Maria Elizabeth Merkman, with whom he got several children. Jacob acquired great fame during his lifetime as preacher, professor, theologist and Bible interpreter. There are many printed works and also manuscripts preserved.

Gerard Johan Nahuys, born in Utrecht on February 1, 1738, died on 9 October 1781.

Already from an early age Nahuys wanted to become preacher. He followed a thorough training at the University of Utrecht in languages, philosophy, mathematics, physics and astronomy. After his training he became to be preacher in Ede, Oud Beijerland, Middelburg and Rotterdam. In 1780, he was at the Leiden University professor of theology and church history. Although Nahuys was one of the most scientists of his time, he had a humble and gentle personality. He did not deal with insignificant church contentions, but combined lighting at true godliness, illustrated by his writings and teachings reasons. Along with Jacob van Nuys Klinkenberg, he has for many years worked on the translation here shown. He could, however, not finish his lifework, since he died in 1781 at age 43. His wife Catherine Walburg of Mansfeld died 3 days before him. They had 7 children.

God’s name: The translation uses in many footnotes God's name written as JEHOVAH, both in the old and New Testament. In Matthew 22: 44 shows van Nuys clearly the difference between Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ.

Texts: Genesis 2: 4, Matthew 1: 21 and Matthew 22: 44.



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