De Bijbel vertaald, omschreven en door aanmerkingen opgehelderd. - W. A. van Vloten (The Bible translated, defined and clarified by comments).

Date and language: edition 1789-1796 - Dutch

Translation: for a large number of years, from about 1775, van Vloten worked on his own Bible translation in Leiden. It is a bulky and cumbersome work of no less than 13 volumes, consisting of a translation, a paraphrase and a description all alongside each other. The first parts were officially approved by the Leiden theological faculty. Later, however, objections regarding the translation were raised and van Vloten left the reformed church. He joined the Mennonite Church in the Netherlands. In the end he published his translation at his own expense. He gave many of his Bibles to interested people who were less fortunate than himself.

Translator: Willem Anthony van Vloten was born in 1740 in Utrecht. After a difficult elementary and junior high school period his parents hoped that Willem would become a preacher. During his school years at the Academy of Utrecht he was mainly interested in languages, declaration and Jewish antiquities. In 1767, he became a pastor in Waddinxveen. The work gave him no satisfaction. In 1775 he became sick and he was unable to continue to serve as a preacher. He then started, at the instigation of a friend, to produce his own Bible translation. Because of the conflict with the religious censorship of Leiden, he moved to Amsterdam, where he died in 1809.

God's name: the unique feature of this Bible is that wherever the State Bible represents God's name as LORD, in this Bible the divine name is displayed as Jehovah. It is the first translation that also does the same in the New Testament, in places where the old testament is quoted from. The New World Translation is the only other translation that follows this practice of van Vloten, and this was not until 1961.

Due to the above practice, God’s name is written on almost every page of this edition, but we are showing here Exodus 6: 1 and 2, Revelation 1: 8 and 9 and Romans 10: 12 and 13. We also show the statement that van Vloten has signed himself.




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