Al de boeken van het Nieuwe Verbond (All the books of the New Covenant) - G. Vissering

Date and language:1859 - Dutch edition

Translator: Gerbrand Vissering was born on June 1, 1813.. He studied at the University of Groningen and the Baptist Seminary in Amsterdam. He became a Baptist preacher. First in 1837, in Zuid-Zijpe, then in 1842 in Wormer-en-Jisp, where he remained until his death in 1869.

The Baptistes are also named Mennists. They are followers of Menno Simons who, in addition to the familiar church reformers as Luther, Calvin and Zwingli, in a sense the only reformer of the Netherlands was. This movement was, also by the Lutheran Church, at the time, sharp persecuted and oppressed. The name Baptists has to do with their specific view of baptism. Rather than children to be baptized, they know only the baptism (adults) on a voluntary basis.

God's name: This translation was directly translated from Greek. Vissering writes God's name in tow footnotes: Revelation 1: 4 and 12: 1





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