Willibrord Vertaling

Date and language:1982, 1993, 1995 - Dutch editions

God's name: In these three editions there is a difference in the use of the Divine Name. In the 1982 edition we find the name Jahwe - but the foreword says 'not to utter the Name'.

Why did they choose to use 'LORD' and not the Divine Name in the 1995 translation? The Katholieke Bijbelstichting told us of various reasons that were taken into consideration. The first reason being that Jewish circles and Catholic Bible scholars are very critical of the use of the name 'Jahwe'. This is because 'one does not know anymore how the Name is pronounced'. The idea is that 'because the Name has to do with God, it should not be spoken'. Another reason is that "recently Pope Benedict XVI said he wants to discourage the increased use of the name 'Jahwe' in Catholic circles".

Row 1: three editions, first page, foreword of 1982 and Isaiah 12: 4,5.
Row 2: the first page and foreword of 1995, Leviticus 1:1 (edition 1993 and 1995), Psalms 110:1 (editions 1993 and 1995).




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