1539 - Alphabetum Hebraicum

Printer: Robert Estienne (also known as Robertus Stephanus) was a French printer and a classical scholar. On of the things that is known about him is that in his later life he converted religiously from Roman Catholicism to Evangelism. It is also interesting to note that he produced the first complete Bible divided into the same chapters and verses that our modern Bibles have.

Robert Estienne received the title of Royal typographer in 1539 . This appointment however, gave him no freedom from censorship and persecution and as a result he had to flee to Geneva where he restarted a publishing house. His printing house produced many important books including several Vulgate Bibles, the New Testament in Greek, a Latin translation from Erasmus, a French Bible in 1553 and several writings of John Calvin.

The book: the book that we are showing was written in the same year of his flight. It must be from just before since there is at the bottom written 'Parisiis' (Paris). His title can also be found on the cover of the book: 'typographi Regii’ – Royal typographer'. The book has 26 pages.

The book was digitized by Google.




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