1574 - Historie van Belgis

Author: Marcus van Vaernewijck

Marcus van Vaernewijck (1518-1569) was a descendant from a noble family in Ghent. He was a historian and analyst in addition to his occupation as a sculptor and representative of the shipping company Maria Theeren. His books are still much appreciated, especially his diary as a catholic eyewitness during the Iconoclasm of 1566.

Note: there is a bust of him placed on top of a house in Ghent, on the Vrijdagmarkt (Friday market). This house, named ‘de Bonte Mantele’, is now used as a bar and eating-house. In the past century this house was a studio to make candles. Many visitors wrongly assume that the bust is an image of Emperor Charles.

Book: Digitized by Google

The book shown below is a precious book, belonging to the collection of the national Bank of Belgium Museum. The first edition appeared in 1574. This book is a reprint from 1829, one year before Belgium gained independence.






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