1634 - Friesche Lusthof

Author: Jan Janszoon Starter

Jan Starter was born in London in 1593/1594. He died in September 1626 in Hungary. His parents were John Startut, a weaver, and Alice Robynson. His birthyear is determined by means of the drawing in the book we are showing. The portrait says: Anglo-Brittanus aet stand. 27. It is possible that his parents moved to the Netherlands due to religion suppression.

Jan was editor in Amsterdam in 1612, in Leiden in 1613 and editor and book salesman in 1614 in Leeuwarden. He had his store on the market square named “the Brol” and used an English Bible as a sign. He married Nieske Hendricxdochter on August 14, 1614. Beside being an editor and book salesman Jan also was a poet. He wrote poems as a hobby but also to order, for example for marriages. Some of his plays were shown in the Leeuwarder chamber ‘Och the rysen’. The church opposed his plays, especially Mr. DS. Bogerman and they were prohibited. His publishing trade went down. He became a chronicle poet (historian) in 1625 of Earl Ernst von Mansfelt. He was also a reporter during the Thirty Years War. He died in this war during von Mansfelt’s campaign in Hungary.

Book: Digitized by Google.

He became known by the book below, firstly published in 1621. The edition we are showing is made in 1634.




An image of the author...


He uses God's name on page 187




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