1644 - A Sermon Preached to The Honourable House of Commons

Author: Alexander Henderson

Alexander Henderson was a Scottish priest. He lived from 1583 up to 1646. He was initially a follower of the episcopal church and therefore he was assigned to the parish of Leuchars. The constant resistance of the village caused him to convert. He became Presbyterian, even one of the most prominent preachers. Today, he is considered to be the most important character in the Church of Scotland after John Knox. In 1638, after the signature of the national treaty, he was elected to President of the General Assembly of Glasgow. He left his parish in the early days of 1639 to become a preacher in Edinburgh, in the church Saint Giles (it is interesting that we are also showing this church in which God's name can be seen – please visit our page 'Worldwide'). In 1640 Henderson was elected to headmaster of the university of Edinburgh. He was re-elected annually for this position.

Book: The sermon of the book was given on december 27, 1643.

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Alexander Henderson






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