1644 - Salvation in a Mystery

Author: John Bond

John Bond was born in 1612 as the son of Dennis Bond, a woollen draper in Dorchester. His father was an admirer of John White, an Anglican priest supporting the puritan desires of freedom of worship. It was also John White who gave John Bond a profound education. Afterwards John Bond was sent to Cambridge where he graduated as a bachelor in Civil Law. He became a professor in Exeter. Due to his training, it is not astonishing that John was known as a hard-working puritan. Puritanism was a movement inside Protestantism in the 17th and 18th Century. Puritans believed that there was too much influence of the Roman Catholic Church inside the Anglican Church. Afterwards, John Bond became a minister in London and he was also a member of the Assembly of Divines, a council which was set up by parliament to reform the Church of England. He was Master of the Savoy hospital in London and Master of Trinity Hall in Cambridge, the oldest College of the University. John Bond died in 1676.

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On occasions he was asked to present a Sermon to Parliament. Some sermons were reproduced afterwards in printed form. In the sermon mentioned below he used 'Jehovah' as the Divine Name.





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