1645 - Israels Prayer In Time of Trouble

Author: Edward Reynoldes

Edward Reynolds (1599-1676) was the Rector of Braynton, Northamptonshire. At the onset of the civil war he was a moderate Anglican but joined the Presbyterian party in 1642. He was a member of the Westminster Assembly (1643) and he was one of the committee of twenty-two formed to examine and approve ministers. In 1648 he became Dean of Christ Church and vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford. He refused the Engagement (1651) and was ejected from his deanery; he was then restored to it in 1659. In the year 1660 he became chaplain to Charles II. In the same year he was elected warden of Merton College. In 1661 he was made bishop of Norwich. He published many works including sermons and theological treatises.

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