1660 - Opera Omnia

Author: Johannes Wier

Johannes Wier (also Weyer, Wieri, Weier, Wierus and Piscinariusis) was born in Grave around 1515. He went to school in Hertogenbosch and Louvain, was a student in Antwerp and studied medicine in Paris and Orleans. He established himself as a doctor in his native town of Grave. In 1545, he was appointed town physician of Arnhem. In spite of a subsidy from Emperor Charles V, Arnhem was no longer able to pay Wier's salary. So he became to be personal physician of Duke Willem V van Kleef, also known as William the Rich. His son succeeded him in 1578.

Johannes Wier died on February 24; 1588 at Tecklenburg, whilst visiting a sick patient. He was buried in the local church.

During his life, and afterwards posthumously, books were published under his name. He wrote for example books concerning sorcery. Wier was one of the first to be against the prosecution of witches.

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