1672 - Experimenta Nova Magdiburgica De Vacuo Spatio

Author: Otto Guericke

Otto Guericke (1602-1686) is the writer of the book that we present next. Guericke is still regarded as an honoured scientist. He was also an inventor, jurist and politician. He studied law in Leipzig, Helmstedt and Jena and studied mathematics and physics in Leiden. He served as the mayor of Magdeburg from 1646 to 1676. In the year 1666 he became a member of the nobility. Guericke invented the vacuum pump and the electrostatic generator; he also discovered electric repulsion and the connection between air pressure and the weather. His experiment called the Magdeburg hemispheres is famous worldwide. He joined two copper hemispheres of 51 cm diameter (Magdeburg hemispheres) and pumped the air out of the enclosure. Then he harnessed a team of eight horses to each hemisphere and demonstrated that they were not able to separate the hemispheres. When air was reintroduced into the enclosure, they were easily separated. He repeated this demonstration in 1663 at the court of Friedrich Wilhelm I of Brandenburg in Berlin, using 24 horses. With this experiment he proved the force of air pressure.



Otto Guericke

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