1677 - The Court of the Gentiles

Author: Theophilus Gale

Theophilus Gale was born in 1628. After his studies of doctor in theology he became 'fellow' and tutor at the Magdalen College Oxford in 1650. In 1657 he was appointed as preacher in Winchester cathedral. In 1662 he refused to submit to the Act of Uniformity, an Act of the Parliament of England, which required the use of all the rites and ceremonies in the Book of Common Prayer in Church of England services. It also required episcopal ordination for all ministers. As a result, nearly 2,000 clergymen left the established church in what became known as the Great Ejection. Theophilus Gale was one of these men. He became tutor to the sons of Lord Wharton, whom he accompanied to the Protestant college of Caen. He returned to England in 1665. The latter portion of his life he spent in London as assistant to John Rowe, an Independent minister who had charge of an important church in Holborn. Gale succeeded Rowe in 1677, and died the following year.

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The book that we are showing, a philosophical work, was published in parts. He used God's name in part III on page 108 and in part IV on the pages 21, 25, 201, 239, 240, 241, 251, 275, 276, 284, 339, 343, 363, 374, 385 and 462.

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