1694 - A Commentary on the Five Books of Moses

Author: Richard Foxe

Richard Foxe (sometimes Fox) was an English churchman and politician.

He was born in Ropesley near Grantham, Lincolnshire about 1448. In 1484 he was taken into the service of Henry Tudor, King of England from 1485 till 1509. He was elected Bishop of Exeter on January 29, 1487 and successively also Bishop of Bath and Wells, Durham, and Winchester. As a politician he was Lord Privy Seal (minister to the Crown). In 1487 he negotiated a treaty with King James III of Scotland; in 1492 he helped conclude the Peace of Etaples, and in 1493 he was chief commissioner in the negotiations for the famous commercial agreement with the Netherlands. In 1498-1499 he completed the negotiations for that treaty of marriage between the Scottish king and Henry's daughter Margaret that ultimately led to the union of the two crowns in 1603 and of the two kingdoms in 1707. In 1500 he was elected chancellor of Cambridge University and in 1507 master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. The crown of Foxe's career was his foundation of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, which he established in 1515-1516. Richard Foxe died on October 5, 1528.



Richard Foxe
(1448 - 1528)

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