1704 - De Republyk der Hebreen

Author: Petrus Cunaeus

Petrus Cunaeus (1586, Vlissingen - 1638, Leiden) was the alias of the Dutch scientist Pieter van der Cun. He was only fourteen years old when he registered himself to the University of Leiden to learn Greek and Hebrew. Afterwards he was educated in theology and law. He was also inaugurated in Rabbinical Study and the Aramaic language. In 1612 he became a professor of Latin, in 1613 a professor of Constitutional law and in 1615 a professor of Jurisprudence. In 1616 he married Maria van Zeyst, the oldest daughter of Nicolaus van Zeyst, administrator and major advisor of Leiden. Finally it is worthy of note that he acted as headmaster of the Leiden University in 1623, 1624, 1632 and 1637.

Pieter van der Cun is considered to be, in his time, one of the most foremost authorities concerning Jewish texts.

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