1725 - Amoenitates Literariaec

Author: Johann Georg Schelhorn

Johann Georg Schelhorn was a Lutheran theologian. He was born on December 8th, 1694 in Memmingen. After completing his studies in Greek and Latin he occupied himself with literature. He followed this with a scholarship in philosophy at the University of Jena. After his graduation he dedicated himself to historical literature. In September 1732 he received his appointment as pastor of Buxhardt and Hardt, followed in 1734, by the appointment as City preacher at Memmingen. In 1753, he became a doctor in theology. In the same year he was also appointed to be Superintendent at Memmingen. A Superintendent is the head of an administrative department inside the Protestant church. He remained in this function till his death on 31 March 1773.

Book: Digitalized by Google.

His publications 'Amoenitates literariae' were his contribution to church history and literature science. We found God's name on page 286 (we are showing pages 284-286).







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