1736 - De la manière d'enseigner et d'étudier des Belles-Lettres

Author: Charles Rollin

Charles Rollin (Paris, January 30, 1661 – Paris, September 13, 1741) was an historian and a professor. He studied philosophy and theology. He replaced his professor Herson on the Second Chair of the Collège de Plessis, the University of Paris also known as La Sorbonne. In 1687 he became to be professor ‘rhétorique’ and in 1688 professor ‘d'eloquence’ at the Collège Royal. In 1694 he was rector of the University of Paris. He remained in this position for two years, rather than the usual one-year period. In 1699, he was appointed head of the College of Beauvais, also in Paris.

Rollin followed Jansenistic principles. He lost appointments because of those religious opinions; he was even disqualified to be a rector, for which he was reelected in 1719.

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