1741 - The History of the Old and New Testament in Verse

Author: Samuel Wesley

In his youth Samuel Wesley (1662-1735) visited the school in Newington Green as preparation to a career as a mentor (clergyman). Later he converted to the Church of England and he served at the parish Epworth in Lincolnshire for no less than 40 years. In his days he was very well known as a poet and writer of controversial prose. Also his wife - Suzanna Wesley (maiden name Annesley) was quite a prolific writer. His collected work was published in 1997 by the Oxford University Press. He and his wife had no less than 19 children, of which 2 sons, John and Charles, became founders of Methodism (a trend in Protestantism).

Book :Digitalized by Google.

In 1741, his next book was completed. On the drawing on the first page of the book, God’s name appears in the form of the tetragrammaton. You will also observe God's name on other pages of the book.






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