1756 - Dictionaire Portatif, Historique, Géographique et Moral de la Bible

Author: Pierre Barral

The Abbot Pierre Barral was a French literary. He was born in Grenoble in 1700 and died in Paris on July 21, 1772. We found that he was a part of the spiritual order in Grenoble. He was later a doctor in the Sorbonne, the former University of Paris, and vicar- general of the University of Montpellier.

He was also a front man of Jansenism and he devoted himself to the education of young people. Jansenism, named after the Louvain professor and bishop of Ypres, Cornelius Jansenius, was a religious and political movement in 17th and the 18th century. It began as a response to certain catholic developments.

The book: This dictionary is a pocket reference for all matters concerning the history, geography and morality of the Bible. This book, which is approximately 250 years old, has an interesting reference in connection to the name Jehovah.





"Jehovah, which is the name of God, is an unpronounceable and mysterious name, which God never declared to the old Patriarchs before Moses. (Text written in Latin) My name Adonai which I have never explained to them. (Text written in old French) In Hebrew Adonai was used in place of Jehovah, which means 'he who exists from himself and gives others their being'. The Jews were in such awe of the holy name that they were forbidden, under penalty of death, to utter it. In early days only the high priest could speak the name once yearly on the day of atonement, with the formal blessing of the people. It is because of this exceptional respect for the holy name that the correct pronunciation of it was lost and they gradually replaced the name with Adonai, in each case where the divine name occurred they would transcribe the name with Adonai. The translators of the Septuagint never used this translation and they wrote Kurios, Lord in place of the divine name ".*



* We are convinced that God's name is used in ancient times, see pages "Some Explanation" and "Archaeology".




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