1760 - Historie van de Oorlogen en Geschiedenissen der Nederlanden, en derzelver Naburen - ("History of the wars and history of the Netherlands, and their neighbours")

Author: Emanuël van Meteren

Emanuël van Meteren (1535-1612) was a Dutch historian. His father was a financier and publisher of early English Bibles. Emanuël himself is considered to be a unique historian because he not only recorded facts accurately but as a rich and powerful man he was also very influential in his day.



Emanuël van Meteren

Book: Digitalized by Google.

In 1760 a book originally written by him was published. On page 368 he writes about the Archduke Albrecht and his wife Isabella. On page 369 he writes about two farthings, which were minted in 1604, with God's name in the surrounding text.




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