1767/1986 - Jehovah verheerlijkt door de erkenning van de ware Messias Jezus Christus - (Translation: "Jehovah be praised through the recognition of the true Messiah Jesus Christ").

Author: 1767, Christiaan Salomon Duijtsch - Digitalized by Google.
1986, edited by dr. J. Haitsma - by courtesy of publisher De Groot Goudriaan

Book: Christiaan Salomon Duijtsch, born in 1734 and became a rabbi in Neuchatel after his studies at the Prague academy. After what is called "a heavy fight of conscience", he converted to believing in Jesus Christ. Because of his conversion the Jewish Council forced him to divorce his wife and give up his three-year-old daughter. After his flight in the night and many sufferings, he arrived in the Netherlands. Afterwards he studied theology at the Academy of Utrecht and from 1777 until his death in 1795 he was a minister of religion in Mijdrecht.

Following his education in his new faith, he wrote his confession of faith on paper; this is the book that we now show. Besides the original the book was also reprinted in 1986.



Christiaan Salomon Duijtsch
1734 - 1795


The book of 1767.



The book of 1986.




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