1771 - Staatkundige Historie van Holland

Author: Bernardus van Mourik

Book: Digitalized by Google.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, or the Powder Treason, as it was known at the time, was a failed attempt by a group of provincial English Catholics, under the leadership of Guy Fawkes, to kill King James I of England, his family, and most of the Protestant aristocracy in a single attack, by blowing up the Houses of Parliament during the State Opening on 5 November 1605. It was believed that the Spanish Crown and the Jesuits were also involved. A Catholic English Lord who had received a letter warning him not to go to the Houses of Parliament discovered the conspiracy. The cellars were investigated and gunpowder meant to be used in the attempt was found. The conspirators and their leader were tried and taken to Westminster, to the actual scene of the intended crime, where they were to be hanged, drawn and quartered. On November 5th each year, people in the United Kingdom celebrate the failure of the plot on what is known as Guy Fawkes Night.

Facts of this historical event are told in this book written in Dutch, "Staatkundige Historie" (published in many parts by the bookseller Bernadus van Mourik (1734-1784). Apparently discovery of the plot also brought relief in the Netherlands. There was a farthing minted in honour of King James (Jacobus). There is a nice image of this coin in the book. On the farthing is the Hebrew tetragrammaton; the translation of the tetragrammaton in this old book is "Jehova".



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