1776 - Hymns founded in various texts in the Holy Scriptures

Author: Philip Doddridge

Philip Doddgeridge was born in London on June 26, 1702. His father was a merchant. His mother, who is considered to have been the greater influence on him was the daughter of the Rev. John Bauman, a Lutheran clergyman who had fled from Prague to escape religious persecution. Before Philip could read, his mother began to teach him the history of the Old and New Testament from blue Dutch chimney-tiles. Philip Doddridge declined offers which would have led him into the Anglican ministry. Instead he chose to enter the liberal academy for Nonconformists or Dissenters at Kibworth in Leicestershire. In 1723 at a general meeting of Nonconformist ministers, Philip Doddridge was chosen to lead the academy which was newly established at Market Harborough. In the same year, he received an invitation to be pastor to an independent congregation at Northampton, which he also accepted. Throughout the 1730s and 1740s Philip Dodderidge continued his academic and pastoral work. He stimulated independent religious thinkers and writers. He wrote books and hymns. His health, which had never been good, broke down in 1751, and he sailed for Lisbon on September 30 of that year; but the change proved irreversible, and he died there on October 26, 1751, at age 49.


Philip Doddridge
1702 - 1751


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