1780 - Onderwijs in den Godsdienst (Education in Religion)

Auteur: Jakob van Nuys Klinkenberg

Jakob van Nuys Klinkenberg was born on February 20, 1744 in West Graftdijk, the son of Henricus Jansen Klinkenberg and Magdalena Nuys.

After his schooling he was given the position of 'magister artium liberalium et Philosophiae Doctor' on November 2, 1764 . In English, Master of liberal arts and doctor of philosophy. He was the pastor in Eemnes-Outside (1766), Overschie (1773), Oudewater (1775), Deventer (1776) and Amsterdam (1778). In 1783 he was appointed as professor of theology at Leiden, and he was thankful for this. In the same year he was appointed as a professor in Amsterdam. In 1784 he was promoted to doctor of theology.

About him it is written: "Through his venerable appearance, his engaging dealings and his cheerfulness v. Nuys Klinkenberg won the sympathy of those who came in contact with him. He had a dislike of all profit, even of the appearance of such and he even went so far, that as a professor he would never accept any tuition fees neither did he accept any particular fee for the publication of his writings. Physically, he was very stout in build and very active and even in the last days of his life, he could be found frequently working at his lathe. Even in winter, he was in the habit of rising early. He worked hard writing articles for the press and even though he had an extremely busy life, he also found the time for many hours of socialisation. On of his most notable works was "- Jan Pieter de Bie, GP of Itterzon and John Lindeboom, Biographical Dictionary of Protestant divines in the Netherlands. Part 5 (1943).

On a personal level we know he was married to Mary Elizabeth Merkman. He was the father of four daughters. He died in Amsterdam on September 14, 1817 in Amsterdam. He was 73 years old.


The book: Education in religion.

The book that we show you was published in 1780 and is part of a work consisting of several parts. Van Nuys Klinkenberg used the divine name "Jehovah".






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