1805 - Nederduitsche Chrestomanie

Author: Tot nut van het Algemeen

“On November 16, 1794, it was decided to establish “The Society of Arts and Sciences”, under the motto: “Tot nut van ‘t algemeen” (For the use of the common people). The aim was to have an organization focused on the promotion of the common people by taking initiatives for education. In order to substantially improve the living conditions of the working population, the society strived for accessibility of education for everyone by: setting up elementary schools; publishing school books etc.; setting up schools to educate teachers and other forms of professional education. Moreover, a number of useful educational and sociological initiatives were taken, such as establishing libraries, savings banks and insurance companies, as well as initiatives in the field of the social care and teaching courses in numerous areas of popular education."*

Book: Digitalized by Google.

The quotation above highlights the noble aim to give an education to the 'common people''. The published book that we are showing must also be seen in this light. This book, published in 1805, exhibits examples of several different writing styles.

In relation to the Divine name, it is interesting to see 3 different ways for writing God's name: Jova, Jehova and Jehovah.



Page 69 - 71


Page 76 - 80


* Quotation from the website:, see "Historie".




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