1829 - Geschiedenis van de veranderingen der Protestantse kerken History of changes to Protestant churches

Author: Jacques - Bénigne Bossuet

Jacques - Benign Bossuet was a French bishop and theologian. He was the court chaplain of the Sun King Louis XIV and is renowned as one of the best speakers that have ever lived. He exercised much influence at court and as a politician.




19th century statue in the Cathedral of Meaux


Jacques - Benign Bossuet was born on September 27, 1627 in Dijon, France, into a family of magistrates. His father was a judge in the provincial Supreme Court.

His parents decided that he should make a career in church circles. After his training in 1652 he returned to civilian life as an archdeacon. In the same year, on 18 March 1652, he was ordained as a priest. A few weeks later he successfully defended his doctoral religious scholarship. In 1657, in Metz, Bossuet preached on behalf of Anne of Austria, mother of Louis XIV. As a result, he received the honorary title of "Guide and preacher to the King". In 1662 he preached his famous sermon "On the tasks of Kings" to Louis XIV in the Louvre. On 13 September 1670 he was appointed as the professor of the nine-year-old Dauphin, the eldest child of Louis XIV. In 1670 he was consecrated bishop. He was bishop of Meaux from 1681 to 1704.

Despite many years of good health, he became ill in 1702. He suffered from chronic kidney stones. Two years later, on April 12, 1704, he died and was then buried in the Cathedral of Meaux.

Book: From the beginning, he was busy with schemes for uniting the Huguenots with the Roman Church. To achieve this purpose he wrote many books. The book we show here was probably his masterpiece. It was published in French as "Histoire des Variations des Églises protestantes.








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