1853 - La Vraie Religion Chrétienne

Author: Emmanuel Swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenborg was born in Stockholm on January 29, 1688 and died in London on March 29, 1772. His father was Jesper Swedberg, a man who was a preacher in the court of King Karl XII and who later even became a bishop of the Swedish Lutheran church. He changed his surname to Swedenborg when he rose into the nobility.

After his education at the University of Upsala it soon became clear that Emmanuel was a man of many talents. He became a scientist in a broad area of interests. This broad area includes maths, astronomy, anatomy, philosophy, theology, geology and engineering. He became member of the Upper house of Sweden. He had exceptional and unique scientific insights. In many of his books there are theories expounded that were only confirmed many years later. For example, he wrote about the atom. He also wrote down insights concerning the anatomy of people - some insights that were only confirmed recently in the 20th century! As an inventor he made designs for planes, submarines, air pumps and much more. Because of his exceptional knowledge he was appointed by the king to be an Extraordinary Member of the department of Mines. In 1724 Swedenborg was appointed as a member of the Academy of Sciences in Stockholm and later as a correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences at Saint Petersburg.



Emmanuel Swedenborg
1688 - 1772


From the age of 53 years Emmanuel devoted himself entirely to religion. He believed that it was his task to reform Christianity. He wrote many theological books with insights which were not always received favourably. In the book which we are showing he uses Gods name several times.


















































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