1854 - Handboek der Bijbelverklaring voor Huisgezinnen

Author: Theodorus Matthijs Looman

The complete name of the man who wrote this impressive concordance is Theodorus Matthijs Looman. Theodorus Matthijs was born in Amsterdam on May 12, 1816. He was only 18 years old when he became a teacher, later on a private teacher. After that he became a religious teacher, Bible reader and temporary assistant preacher in the Dutch Reformed Church. He was also very active in the world of society. In 1847, he founded ‘The Society to spread the truth’, aiming to highlight the growth of the Reformed church. In 1855 he founded a society called ‘Javacomité’, a missionary society. He was president of this society until his death. In 1866 he was co-founder of the ‘Dutch Sunday Society’. Other societies followed.

He also was a writer. He wrote many speeches, books for children and books like the concordance we are showing. Theodorus Matthijs Looman died on January 4, 1900 in Amsterdam at the age of 83.

Book: The books below are written between 1853 and 1857.






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