1857 - Bijbel voor de Jeugd

Author: Johannes Hendricus van der Palm

Johannes Hendricus van der Palm was born in Rotterdam on July 17, 1763. In 1784 he became a preacher in Maartensdijk. He was a member of a patriotic movement and in 1787 he had to flee from the people of Bunschoten who were very loyal to the Prince. He became a Scientific Councillor in Middelburg (1788). In 1795 he was a member of the Temporary Administration of Zeeland and he planted the Tree of Freedom. A year later he became a professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Leiden. From 1799 till 1805 he was Minister of Education at the Batavian Republic. In 1801 he was also Temporary Minister of Economical Affairs. In 1805 he went back to being a professor at the University, this time teaching Poetry and eloquence. Van der Palm was during his life a famous writer and public speaker. In 1818 he started to make a new Bible translation, which he finished in 1830. We are showing his Bible translation on our page ‘Bibles’. Ten years later, on September 8, 1830 he died at the age of 77 at Leiden . Nicolaas Beets (a famous poet who we are showing on our page ‘Poets’) and who married van der Palm's granddaughter Aleida van Foreest in 1840, described his life in ‘Leven en karakter van J.H. v.d. Palm' (Life and Character of J.H. v.d. Palm’).

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Besides his Bible translation, van der Palm also published this book. At the top is written “Volksuitgave”, translated “Edition for the people”. A little bit lower down is written “voor Christen-Huisgezinnen", translated “for Christian families”. It is not a verse by verse Bible translation. This Bible designed for youths is written for “telling Bible stories”. Van de Palm tried to make biblical stories come alive in this book.




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