1859 / 1869 - Jehova is mijn vertrouwen! Een volledig gebedenboek voor Rooms-Katholijken (Jehovah is my trust! A complete prayer book for Roman Catholics)

Author: Spitaels (printer)

Book: This prayer book, as the title indicates, has been produced for Catholics. We are showing two examples.

The first book: the first book is shown with the kind permission of Petrus Plancius International, who also supplied the pictures ( The book is beautiful. It has a tortoise-shell cover, a silver lock and is very beautifully gilt-edged. The book was produced in Antwerp (1859).

The second book: This book has also been produced by printer D. Spitaels. The publication date is probably 1869, because the calendar commences then.





The second copy: this book is made ??by the Antwerp printer D. Spitaels. The release date is probably 1869 given that the calendar within the book begins with that year.





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