1869 - Bijbelverklaring

Author: Karl August Dächsel - F. P. L. C. van Lingen

The Bible Declaration of Dächsel was translated by van Lingen in 1869. Since then many editions have appeared. This encyclopaedia is an impressive work, frequently used. The Bible translation he used was the Dutch State Translation.

Karl August Dächsel, commonly known as August, was born on November 24th, in 1818 in Naumburg (Saale). August studied theology at the University of Leipzig and later at the University of Halle. After a long time of being a house teacher, he became a parish priest in 1847. This was in Hirschfeld, Germany. 5 years later, he became a priest in Hohenbocka. Very shortly afterwards he married Friedericke Vincentz, they had 8 children. In 1858 he was given the parish of Neusalz an der Oder. He dedicated all his spare time in Hirschfeld and Neusalz to studying theology. He made several biblical, liturgical and hymnologic studies. He then started production on his life work. He named it ‘the Scientific Declaration of the Bible’. In 1868 he received his last parish, Steinkirche. August Dächsel died at the age of 82, on September 23rd, in 1901 in Steinkirche.



Book: here below his life work. It is translated by the dutch reformed preacher Frederik Philip Louis Constant van Lingen (Hurwenen, 1832 - Velp, 1913), founder of the grammar school in Zetten.




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