1888 - Beknopte Geschiedenis van het Oude Verbond (A brief history of the old Covenant)

Author: Fernandus Joannes Petrus Gregorius Van Etten

Mr. van Etten (1830-1909), as the title page mentions, was a Roman Catholic priest who belonged to the order of Saint Augustine in the Netherlands.

The New Dutch Biographical Dictionary writes regarding his career: "After finishing his studies he was ordained to the priesthood in 1856. Later on he became a chaplain in the Amsterdam (Nicholas Church) 1860, Wassenaar 1861, Delft. In 1862 he was appointed to be a parish priest on the island of Wieringen. To build a church in this needy parish, he made a collection throughout the diocese, but after he had collected the money, he had to leave the actual building of the church to his successor, since he was moved to Wormer. Here, he built a new church and also a cemetery. In 1879 he was transferred to Delftshaven, where he opened a school for boys and girls. In 1888, he joined the order of Saint Augustine, and soon afterwards was called to the top posts. He was elected to be the Prior of the Monica monastery in Utrecht and he founded the Pious Association of Our Lady of Good Council, and took the initiative in publishing the monthly magazine of Our Lady of Good Council. In 1898, he was called to Rome to the important post of Procurator General. He asked in 1901, due to his health problems, not to be re-elected. He was again appointed to be the Prior at Utrecht and to be Professor of the Holy Scripture. For a long time he was also provincial head of the Dutch Augustins."

The book: Van Etten writes in the foreword that the history of "God's revelation to man" for all was "highly important, most attractive and full of consolation". To make it reachable for everyone, he wrote, according his own words, this "little manual". This little manual is a comprehensive book with no less than 553 pages, in which he describes six periods beginning from the history of Adam to Christ.

In this book he uses the name of God many times. ...








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