1903 - De Godsdiensten der Wereld (The religions of the World)

Author: Jan Gerrit Boekenoogen

The Mennonites are the oldest baptism oriented religion in the Netherlands. They are followers of Menno Simons who is considered to be an important Dutch church reformer. The name baptism oriented refers to their view on baptism. Rather than child baptism they believe in adult baptism, performed on a voluntary basis. A person who wants to be baptized has to put forth his belief and wish in writing.

Jan Gerrit Boekenoogen was a preacher in the Dutch Mennonites church. He was born on 17 July 17, 1856 at Wormerveer, the son of Lucas Fredrik Boekenoogen. He studied at the university and the seminar of the Mennonites in Amsterdam. He gained a degree in theology and subsequently served in the congregations of Wormer en Jisp, Hindeloopen and Krommenie. He was a member of the Teyler foundation of Haarlem. He should not be confused with his brother Gerrit Jacob (sometimes written as Jan) Boekenoogen who was also linked to the congregation of Mennonites in Leiden, and in which he later served as a deacon. This brother was also member of the executive committee of the ‘Algemene Doopsgezinde Societeit’ (General Baptism-minded Society).

Jan Gerrit Boekenoogen died on January 7, 1933 at Bussem.

The book: De Godsdiensten der Wereld (The religions of the world).

This book was published in 1903. It is noteworthy that he writes on the first page ‘Jehovah or Jahweh’, on a second page he notes that it is proved that the name of God is Jahweh and that this name was wrongly changed by Protestants to Jehovah, and on a third page he writes Jehovah. This is of course the opinion of the writer and is open for discussion.










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