1909 - De Opneming der Gemeente

Author: Georg Hermann Emil Dönges

This book was published by Voorhoeve in 1909. The author was Emil Dönges. Dönges was born on September 2, 1853 in Becheln, Germany. During his education in Elberfeld, he came into contact with the ‘Brüderbewegung’ (brother movement) or in Dutch ‘Vergadering der gelovigen’ (Congregation of believers’). He came into contact with the Quakers during his 18 months stay in the United Kingdom and joined them. In 1876 he started studying at the University of Marburg to become a professor. Whilst in the performance of his profession he engaged in several spiritual activities. In 1884 he decided to give up his profession and dedicate himself to spiritual work. He translated and wrote several books for example ‘Die Feste Jehovas im Lichte des Evangeliums’ (1913) (‘The feasts of Jehovah in accordance with the gospels’). Later on, he was one of the representatives of the aforementioned Congregation of believers, also known as Darbiists. In 1899 he moved to Darmstadt and he became a director of the Christian institution for the mentally handicapped.

With regard to his family life it is of note that he married Katherina Kirch in 1887. They had 9 children. He died in Darmstadt on December 7, at the age of 70.

Book: One of his books later translated in Dutch, was named “The admission of the Congregation”. He used God’s name in this book.









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