1920 - Zondagmisboek

Author: published by the Abbey of Keizerberg with the cooperation of the Abbey of Affligem.

Book: This book was published by the Roman Catholic Church. On page 2 the date is written 'June 3, 1920'. There is also written "Imprimatur". Imprimatur is the Latin name for the official permission from a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore this signifies that permission was given by Désiré-Joseph Mercier (1851-1926), Archbishop, Cardinal and Metropolitan.






On top of the following page God's name is written in Hebrew, from the right side to the left: 'JHWH'. It is interesting also to see the Masoretic vowels: beneath the J two dots = e; above the W a dot = o; beneath the W a stripe and dot = a. The pronunciation here is: 'Jehowah' or 'Jehovah'.





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