1922 - De Messias

Author: A.B. Routhier

About the author: Sir Adolphe Basile Routhier was born in Saint-Placide on May 8, 1839. When he was 11 years old, he commenced his studies at the Sainte Thérèse college until 1858. Then he studied Law at the University of Laval. In 1861 he was introduced to the Court and thirteen years later he was appointed to judge at the Court of the province Quebec, for the district of Saguenay. In 1897 he refused the office of Lieutenant Governor of the North East Regions in order to become Admiral Judge at the Court of Finance of Canada. At the same time he became a professor of Law at the University of Laval.

During his long career he was active in many literary styles: critical discussions, literary portraits, historical studies, travel books, poems, novels and dramas. As the magnaminous writer that he was, he composed the Canadian hymn in 1880.

In 1875, in Rome, Pius IX, accorded him the title of knight in the order of Saint Grégoire the Great. Then King Edouard VII, gave him the title of knight in the order of Saint Michel and Saint Georges. He accordingly became Sir Adolphe Basile Routhier. In 1906, Routhier retired and devoted himself for his remaining time to the art of writing. He died in St. Irénéé-les-Bains, on June 27, 1920 at age 81.







For example, he uses the Divine Name on page 17, in a work that started on page 16.





Another example, page 67:





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