1927 - Simson - de Godgewijde (Samson - the Consecrated)

Author: Israel Querido

Israel Querido was born on October 1, 1872 in Amsterdam into a Portuguese Jewish family. He came from a poor family and at a very young age, 14 years old, he had to start making a living for himself. He could not finish his training as a watchmaker because of an eye injury, and he ended up in the diamond industry. Around the age of nineteen he became a jeweler for a brief time, but that backfired. His talents and interests were laid more in other areas. He played the violin, but this talent was prematurely hampered by his strict religious mother, who forbade him to play on the Sabbath. Querido continued to self-teach himself in various fields. He did his work during the day and in the evening he schooled himself in "all philosophies and all the world literature” to catch up what he missed at school. When he was 18 years old he began his first novel, which was never completed. At the urging of his wife in 1893 he published his first book "Poems", this was followed in 1894 by the book 'Verses’. In both books he used the pseudonym "Theo Reeder”. However, his poetry was not well received. Querido was active at the time as a literary critic and published a number of articles in The Directory, Great Netherlands, Labor, The Team, The Land and People, and People. For twenty years, from 1905, he published the literary chronicle of the Algemeen Handelsblad(General trademagazine). After several other novels, he wrote his most famous work of 1912-1924, the four-part cycle of novels "The Jordan", which was about the people of Amsterdam.

Israel had a strong personality and was a good orator. Because of his critical socialist institution he was both loved and hated by other artists and writers.



Family Life: He married Janet Sjouwerman on May 30, 1893. Together they had a son.

On 26 July 1932 he started to suffer with a ‘nervous disorder’ and he was admitted into the Amsterdam Boerhaave Clinic on 5 August where he suddenly died of heart failure. He was not quite 60 years old.

The book: The book that we present here was released as a fourth edition in 1927, by Scheltens & Giltay in Amsterdam.
God’s name: Israel Querido used Jehovah as the personal name of God.






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