1931 - In het Land van den Bijbel (In the land of the Bible)

Author: G. A. Aldus - I. Snoek. (with the kind permission of Mrs. Han Versluys-Aldus, daughter of Mr. Aldus)

First, brief background information about Mr. G. A. Aldus. Gerard Adrianus Aldus was born on January 22, 1883 at Barnevelt. At the age of 19 years, he became a teacher and worked successively in two urban and three rural schools. October 14, 1915 was a milestone in his life. On that day Bartimeüs, a new school for the blind and the teaching of braille, of which he was the founder, was opened in Zeist. The name Bartimeüs is a reference to the blind man Bartimaeus who was healed by Jesus (Mark 10: 46-52). The school was officially approved by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands on January 27, 1916. Gerard Adrianus Aldus was the first director and he had more than his hands full with the administration of the school, giving lessons, building a Braille library, monitoring the printing of books ... and much more. As a result of his hard work Bartimeus soon became an institute with a fine reputation. Due to his peaceful and friendly nature he had soon, according to a biography many good friends and acquaintainces. In spite of a busy life, the loving care of a family with children and a poor health, G. A. Aldus saw the opportunity to produce several publications. His known works include: Blinde Hendrik (The Blind Hendrik), Het lichtloze land (The land with no light), De Wildernis in (Into the wilderness), Door god verworpen? (Rejected by God?) and In het Land van de Bijbel (In the Land of the Bible).

Gerard Adrianus Aldus died unexpectedly on April 26, 1933 in Zeist. He was 50 years old.

Bartimeüs still exists. It is now a foundation for the blind and vision-impaired people. It employs no less than 2,200 employees and 650 volunteers!

The book: here we found God's name.









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